Health Suite News - Announcements Page

This link contains information from the PHMS Health Suite, submitted by our school nurse, Miss Maggie (Margaret Horan, RN, BSN - ) and of interest to our students, staff, parents, and local community.

March Madness begins with immunizations! 
On March 1st, letters were sent to all sixth grade parents about immunizations for the seventh grade school year (2017-2018). Your child may have already received the Tdap and Meningitis immunizations. If your child has received these two immunizations, the nurse's office is in need of that documentation by March 31, 2017. Please remember these immunizations will be required at the beginning of the seventh grade school year. If you have any questions, please contact the nurse's office at 410-887-5103.

Poison Prevention Week 
- March 13 through March 17
According to the Poison Control Center, every eight minutes, someone makes a poison center call for help.  See tips on ways to handle poison emergencies as well as tips for prevention here.

Teens and Substance Abuse presentation at Pikesville High School on March 16, 2017 --- See Substance Abuse presentation flyer or plain text version.