2017 - 18 School  Sponsor:  Mrs. Sakers (Room 238)

Any students interested in trying out for this year's MATHCOUNTS team should start by completing both of the Math By Design tasks ( and printing out the color certificates.  You can find me in my new classroom (238) and drop the certificates off to me for display and 30 points each towards your total points.

If you are finished both Math By Design tasks and have submitted them, I have something else I would like you to try.  Here is the link for the MATHCOUNTS Trainer  I think you will find it useful!   

I will be posting more information about our after school meetings in a few weeks.  We will definitely be having practice on Friday afternoons from 3 - 4:30 and the other afternoon practice will either be on Tuesdays or Wednesdays based on student availability.  

I am excited to have our former matheletes and new matheletes who are up the challenge to compete for one of the 10 positions on the team.

*For additional help with skills, click on the following Kahn Academy document.
Khan Academy Help Sheet