Athletic Info & Forms

2021-2022 Athletic Advisor:
Mr. Bishoff

* All info can be found one these groups *
  1. Sign up for any sport using this website   
  2. A physical must be printed and emailed to
  3. All athletes must have 2.0 gpa on their report card coinciding with their season
  4. IF you can't get an appointment with your doctor, the quickest way to get a physical is at one of the urgent care facilities.
All sports group GSZB-RZQX-6BMVZ General info for all sports
Cross country 34QB-K24P-S8J2D 
Badminton Z964-CTFG-XSZ97
Basketball FC84-2372-F7VHX
Tennis V5KM-K9FN-ZX4N9
Track Gj65-HMKG-VM55P