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If you wish to request a change from all virtual to hybrid in-person learning, please open this form and complete the necessary information. Any received requests will be effective beginning Monday May 17th. Once your request has been processed, you will be officially notified of the start date.

If you wish for your student to change from hybrid to virtual, please call the school.

PHMS PTSA - Resources

Note from our PTSA

"A budget was not established this school year for the PTSA and therefore no funds can be disbursed including those for the PHMS Scholarship and the Humanitarian Scholarship. Our apologies."
Sincerely, PHMS Scholarship Committee Chair

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NJHS Peer Tutoring

Do you feel like you need help with classwork or organization? If so, consider joining the PHMS National Junior Honors Society Peer Tutoring program. If interested, sign up here!