Athletic Info & Forms

2021-2022 Athletic Advisor:
Mr. Bishoff [email protected]

* All info can be found one these groups *
  1. Sign up for any sport using this website   
  2. A physical must be printed and emailed to [email protected]
  3. All athletes must have 2.0 gpa on their report card coinciding with their season
  4. IF you can't get an appointment with your doctor, the quickest way to get a physical is at one of the urgent care facilities.
All sports group GSZB-RZQX-6BMVZ General info for all sports
Cross country 34QB-K24P-S8J2D 
Badminton Z964-CTFG-XSZ97 
Basketball FC84-2372-F7VHX 
Tennis V5KM-K9FN-ZX4N9 
Track Gj65-HMKG-VM55P