Bullying Awareness


Student Version

Bullying makes every day hard. It makes people feel isolated, unimportant and afraid to go to school. I have the power to stop bullying by getting involved in a few specific ways. Here is my pledge:

 I will speak up – I will take a stand when I see kids humiliating or hurting each other. I will talk about bullying with my friends and the adults in my life, so everyone knows I think it’s wrong.

 I will advocate – I will stick up for others who might be in need of my help, and not just my closest friends.

 I will be a role model – I will not use my phone or computer to spread rumors or say hateful things, and I won’t ignore it when others are cruel or intimidating.

Stopping bullying begins with me. Taking this pledge can change someone’s life in a meaningful way. I will forward it to my friends and family to help grow a community committed to ending bullying. I will speak up.

From the National Unite Against Bullying Campaign: The End of Bullying Begins with Me