Student Enrollment Information

First determine that Perry Hall is the school zoned for your address.  You can use the School Boundaries Lookup App to verify your child’s zoned home school.  

Be sure to withdraw your child from their previous school.  If you receive a withdrawal packet from that school, you will need to bring it in person to the Perry Hall Middle School Guidance Department.

The parent or guardian will have to provide multiple required documents and registration forms by email directly to Lexa Newman at [email protected].  

Please consult the BCPS Registration checklist to assist with gathering the documents needed.  Below you will find links to the Student Health Form and Registration form.       

School Dental Records (This document should be submitted by October 1st)

Health Inventory  (This document should be submitted by October 1st)

The three pieces of mail gathered should be received through USPS or can be downloaded from the internet.  Each piece of mail MUST show the following:

-Your name and address 

-The sender/company name and address 

-Date of the mailing (within 60 days of the day submitted)

Please make sure these required items are visible in the photos or scans that you send.

You are welcome to cover up or black out any confidential information (Social Security number or Account #) from these pieces of mail if you choose. 

Last, please complete registration of your child online using the Focus Parent Portal.  This portal is not only useful with school and parent communication, but can also be used to view student grades and information to contact your child’s educators.   

If you have any questions, please contact Lexa Newman for assistance

Alexandra Newman

Guidance Secretary

[email protected]