PHMS Tennis

2022-2023 School Year Coach
Mr. Bishoff Email:  [email protected]

Tennis 2022-2023

  • Starts March 14th
  • Practice 3:15 -5pm
  • Competition Dates     April 15th   May 6th   Times TBA
  • Paperwork Due March 10th to Mr. Bishoff    [email protected]

How To Sign Up

1. Join the TENNIS Schoology group for direct updates BJ8T-ZCMF-D57V6 2. Go to to sign up on-line

  1. Create an account
  2. Find Perry Hall Middle
  3. Select your sport and fill out the information.

*** Must have a 2.0 GPA on 3rd quarter report card to try out.
3.  Get a sports physical.  (It must say” cleared for all sports”)  A basic physical won’t work.  IT only clears  you for school attendance.

Sports physical /UserFiles/Servers/Server_4202216/File/Basketball/Physical%20Evaluation%20Form.pdf

    ****  A sports physical must be printed out and filled out by a physician***

   ***  You can scan the physical and email it to Mr. Bishoff     [email protected]  or just bring the paper copy directly to Mr. Bishoff  DON’T SEND IT TO THE MAIN OFFICE